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Dylan Thomas

A list of all Thomas's published works:

18 Poems

Twenty Five Poems

The Map of Love

The World I Breathe

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

New Poems

Deaths and Entrances

Selected Writings

Collected Poems 1934-1953

In Country Sleep and Other Poems

The Collected Sleep and Other Poems

Quite Early One Morning

Under Milk Wood

A Prospect of the Sea

Adventures in the Skin Trade

Letter to Vermin Watkins

Twenty Years A-Growing

Me and My Bike

Rebecca’s Daughters

The Doctor and the Devils, and Other Scripts

Poet in the Making: The Notebooks of Dylan Thomas

Early Prose Writing

The Poems

Selected Poems

The death of the King’s Canary

Collected Sorties

The Collected Letters

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

The Notebook Poems 1930-1934

The Broadcasts

The Filmscripts

As Dylan Thomas continues to be still be popular and read and studied, none of his works are out of print, although some of the individual collection of poetry and his lesser-known prose can be more difficult to find.